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They are a delicious addition to stir fry and I love the crunch!

Valerie M

Excellent product; however, better packing needed to reduce the amount of dented cans.


Delicious canned water chestnuts at a great value. None of the cans arrived dented.


They are pretty good. Hard to get Asian food here in the very rural Mid-West. A local grocery store originally carried them. Why I don't know why around here they carried them.


I love your mustard and could not find it in any store around me. So I ordered it from the source!

Jennifer T


1. How do I start a subscription with Ka-Me ?

Simply choose your favorite products, click ‘Subscribe & Save 5%’, set your delivery frequency (15 or 30 days), and complete the checkout process.

2. Can I adjust my delivery schedule?

Yes, you can! Just log into your account, go to "My Subscriptions," and adjust your delivery frequency as needed.

3. Can I skip a delivery?

Of course. Just access "My Subscriptions" in your account and select the option to skip your next delivery at least 48 hours before shipment.

4. How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime by going to "My Subscriptions" in your account and choosing the cancel option.

5. What happens if a product in my subscription is out of stock?

If a product in your subscription is out of stock, we will notify you and give you the option to swap it for another product, skip the delivery, or wait until it's back in stock.