KA–ME Organic Coconut Milk Lite is a premium quality product, grown and produced on an organic plantation surrounded by highlands in Thailand. All of the coconuts are harvested by hand and immediately dehusked, peeled and cracked open for maximum freshness. KA–ME Organic Coconut Milk Lite has about 40% less fat content compared to the original variety and is a traditional ingredient commonly used in many Thai and Southeast Asian recipes such as soups, sauces and curries.
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Product Highlights

  • GREAT TASTING SINCE 1970s: More than 50 years of heritage to deliver delicious foods and sauces
  • AUTHENTIC ASIAN CUISINE: Rich and naturally sweet, coconut milk gives a distinctive flavor to many Thai and Southeast Asian dishes.
  • VERSATILE USE: Perfect for soups, curries and desserts.
  • QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Organic coconut milk is produced naturally with no artificial preservatives.
  • SHELF STABLE: Canned coconut milk is good for up to 5 months after arrival.

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