Are KA•ME products Gluten-Free?

Some of our KA•ME products are gluten free: KA•ME Rice Crackers, Mini Rice Crackers and Express Rice Noodles. Many other products contain no added gluten, but are produced in facilities that process wheat and not tested to guarantee that they are gluten-free.

What does “KA•ME” stand for?

KA•ME can be literally translated as tortoise or turtle in Japanese and is a symbol of longevity and the timeless qualities of our products and our approach to Asian food. For over 40 years, KA•ME has stood for quality and authenticity. Today, we are one of the leading and fastest growing specialty Asian food brands in the U.S., offering premium quality snacks and ingredients including rice crackers, sauces and condiments, oils and vinegars, noodles and more. The products cover a wide range of Asian cuisines from Japanese and Korean to Thai and Vietnamese and beyond.

Do KA•ME products contain MSG?

We add no MSG (monosodium glutamate) to any of our KA•ME products.

How long can you refrigerate KA•ME sauces after they have been opened?

After opening, we suggest keeping the sauce for no longer than 6 months. Some sauces, such as fish sauce, can last longer due to the presence of salt in the products. Always refrigerate any sauce after it is opened.

What is the country of origin for different KA•ME products?

We offer a large selection of products representing numerous cuisines of Asia. As a result, we manufacture our products in many countries throughout Asia and some here in the United States. Each product is clearly marked with the country of origin if it is manufactured outside of the United States.

We currently offer products made in China, Thailand and Taiwan to name a few of the countries.

Which products are organic?

KA•ME offers Organic Coconut Milk Regular and Lite.

Which products are Kosher?

Our Rice Crackers are produced in a kosher facility and certified OU.